Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me.

They bombed the airports in Libya.




Now they’re sure no other country will interfere and everyone can be killed.
It’s disgusting.

No one seems to care and probably no one will reblog this. 

this disgusts me beyond belief. this is actually fucking happening in this world and all you’re going to probably do is glance at this and re-blog a kitten. if you could do anything, just fucking re-blog this.

fucking hell.

seriously what is wrong with people, sick minded people. please reblog.

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i HATE her.

She is such a dumb fucking cunt.

So, I just came to the conclusion, that I am not a people person. I hate stupidity and the things that people do to get attention. It’s sad when people have to say stupid things to have people listen to them. I hate everyone, except for a selected few.